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Hello, my name is Tom Corrao and I am the blogger behind the Okinawaology Blog. I created this blog to share and discuss all things Okinawan. I’m also the Public Relations Officer and Minkan Taishi to the Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai. My experience with Okinawa is derived from the time I spent there during the 1980's and 90's (10 years) when serving in the United States Air Force. I've also been married to an Okinawan woman for 30 years now and have been immersed in many things Okinawan through both friends and family. I do not claim to be all knowing about everything Okinawan but I try hard and study the history and culture. I welcome everyone that is interested in Okinawa and hope that I can provide useful information to those uchinanchu that may be curious about their culture and heritage. I also welcome those who are not of Okinawan heritage but have experienced, or are experiencing, the islands culture while stationed there with the United States Military. Comments are welcomed and will be published as long as they are in good taste and on track with the purpose of this blog. My hope with this blog is to bring Uchinanchu people around the world a little closer to their cultural roots by expressing information that has started to fade in light of a more modern world. We should never forget our culture or the people who came before us and through the Blog my intentions are to meld the old with the new and implant knowledge that will help maintain the traditions and culture of an island people.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Official Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai T-Shirt Design Contest

Do you have some artistic ability? Like to draw? The Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai is having a contest that may be for you then.

As many of you are aware the 5th World Uchinanchu Festival will be held from October 13 to 16 next year in Okinawa. This event is sponsored by the Prefectural Government of Okinawa and has been held every five years since its inception in 1990. The word in the Chicago uchinanchu community is that many members of our organization plan to attend the event in 2011. Because of this the Okinawa Kenjinkai's officers have decided that it is time to begin design of a new official Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai T-Shirt Design.

On the eve of the event, (Oct. 12th 2011) there will be a parade where members of the Okinawa Kenjinkais' from around the world will gather to march as a group down Kokusai Dori, a famous street located in the heart of the capitol city of Naha. Traditionally groups have dressed in attire appropriate to their particular Kenjinkai so that the groups are easily distinguishable from one another. Our most recent design, pictured above, was designed just prior to the last Uchinanchu Taikai in October of 2006. As you can tell we difinitely stood out as a group.

The current design was developed by the Okinawa Kenjinkai's officers just prior to the last event. This year, we have decided that we should get an early start by having a contest to design a new official Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai T-Shirt design that will be used during the next event.

Do you think you might be interested in helping us develop a new design? Here is what you need to do. Design a shirt that represents both Chicago and your Okinawan heritage. There should be elements of both places to draw the design together and make it easily identifiable as to what it represents. Remember these T-shirts will be seen all over Okinawa.

The design must be no more than 10 inches wide and no more than 18 inches in height. Remember it should fill the front of the T shirt but look size appropriate whether on a small or extra large T-shirt.

The design must be able to be stenciled and use no more than four colors. Primary colors or colors that will look good on various color shirts should be considered. Expense will be a factor in determining the winning design and more colors means more expense.

Remember to make the design universal as the shirts will be used for other events besides the Uchinanchu Taikai and will be for sale at our annual Kenjinkai events. Please do not use trademarked designs or characters as we want our design to be original and eye catching.

Prizes will be awarded for the top three submissions but it has yet to be determined what the prizes will be. The deadline for submissions will be December 31st 2010 for the T-shirt designs. The Kenjinkai officers will then meet and vote on the winners.

If you wish to participate submit your entries to any Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai officer or send it to me at . We will be announcing the winners at next years, New Years Celebration. We may even have some of the winning design available for purchase at that time depending on production requirements and our silk screener. Good Luck!

Special Note: Participants must agree to give up all rights to their design prior to submittal. Submitting a design will give the Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai rights to use the design and will be considered an acknowledgment of this agreement.

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