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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Okinawa Amicus International Preschool is Now Open!

Last week the Okinawa Amicus International Preschool had it's opening ceremony. This is a special project of my fellow Minkan Taishi G.P. Yeh. Here is an article he sent me some time ago about the project which encompasses opening a university of science and technology as well as an international preschool. Last week the first part of the project came into being with the opening of the Okinawa Amicus International Preschool. Here is the story:

The people, leaders, and friends of Okinawa in Japan, together with the United States and other worldwide participants have been working together towards a great, wonderful future for Okinawa. In the year 2000, Okinawa Governor Inamine enabled five graduate students to study at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois.

In 2001 Japan’s Finance Minister Omi announced a mission to create a new graduate university in Okinawa. Since then Governor Inamine and Governor Nakaima, along with Commanding General of Marine Corps forces Japan, General and Mrs. Gregson, and other leaders as well as the people of Okinawa, have been creating a new International School and improving the teaching of English in Okinawa’s schools. Because of their efforts, Okinawa is becoming a great and beautiful centerpiece to Asia.

The Japanese Governments, Finance Minister Omi, Former Governor Inamine, Governor Nakaima, the people of Okinawa, and other leaders of Japan, as well as many worldwide leaders of science including 15 Nobel Laureates, have been creating Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) to be a world class graduate university. The objectives of OIST are to contribute to the worldwide advancement of science and technology and create a leading intellectual hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

The key concepts of OIST are the best in the world, Flexible, International, Global networking, and Industry collaboration. The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology School Corporation Act stipulates the establishment of the Graduate University as an independent special school corporation, and enables OIST to open in 2012.

Many of the alumni of Christ King School in Okinawa have been very successful in arts, sciences, medicine, business, education, and family lives in the US, Canada, Philippines, Guam, Japan, Okinawa, and other parts of the world. Okinawa has enriched our lives in many ways. Thanks to Okinawa, Christ the King School was very special and provided the students with an excellent international education.

For example, In 1967 I personally came from Taiwan to Okinawa entering Christ King School without knowing the English or Japanese languages. Thanks to the great principals, teachers and classmates at Christ King School I made it through. In 1971, I was accepted to MIT and then started a wonderful journey in physics, science, technology, and education. I now enjoy the Universe and life on Earth.

Okinawa Amicus International School

In support of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Governor Nakaima is establishing Okinawa Amicus InternationalSchool  (OAIS) for children both in Okinawa and from abroad. Students graduating from the Okinawa Amicus International School should have the ability and skills to enter the best universities in US or Japan.  OIST and graduates of OAIS will help to improve science and technology, advance important progress in sustainable, safe, clean energy, food and water, climate and environment, disease control and medical treatment, education, and world collaboration. The people of Okinawa are already enjoying the world's highest longevity, and plan to have the best healthcare and best life. Okinawa Amicus International School and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology will provide Okinawa with a great and wondrous future.
Article from the Ryukyu Shimpo
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Last week the Okinawa Amicus International Preschool had it's opening ceremony. This is a link to the schools site followed by pictures of the opening day.

Congradulations to everyone involved in making this project a big success!

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