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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Okinawa Wins National High School Baseball Championship

In Japan, high school baseball (高校野球: kōkō yakyū) generally refers to the 2 annual baseball tournaments played by high schools nationwide culminating at a final showdown at Hanshin Kōshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Japan. They are organized by the Japan High School Baseball Federation in association with Mainichi Shimbun for the National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament in the spring (also known as "Spring Kōshien") and Asahi Shimbun for the National High School Baseball Championship in the summer (also known as "Summer Kōshien").

These nationwide tournaments enjoy widespread popularity, arguably equal to or greater than professional baseball. Qualifying tournaments are often televised locally and each game of the final stage at Kōshien is televised nationally on NHK. The tournaments have become a national tradition, and large numbers of frenzied students and parents travel from hometowns to cheer for their local team. It is a common sight to see players walking off the field in tears after being eliminated from the tournament by a loss.

This year Okinawa Win's the Spring Tournament! Here is the story from the Mainichi Daily News

Baseball: Konan scores 5 in 12th to capture its 1st Koshien title

NISHINOMIYA (Kyodo) -- Okinawa's Konan scored five runs in the top of the 12th inning to beat Nichidai Daisan of Tokyo 10-5 in the final of the national high school invitational tournament on Saturday.

Yosuke Shimabukuro threw a complete game and doubled in two runs in the key inning to lead Konan to its first title in the spring invitational meet or the summer national championship at Koshien Stadium.

Konan broke a 5-5 tie in the 12th when Toshitake Yokoo's errant throw home on a grounder by Shun Agena plated runners from second and third.

Shimabukuro followed with the double and Tairiku Kuniyoshi capped the big inning with an RBI grounder.

Shimabukuro struck out 11 and gave up eight hits and five runs, two unearned, in a 198-pitch outing and contributed with four RBIs.

Kazuki Otsuka hit a solo homer to pull Nichidai Daisan within 5-4 before Takahiro Suzuki scored the tying run from third on a squeeze bunt by Ryoji Kobayashi in the sixth.

Konan's Moritsugu Ganeko and Nichidai Daisan's Sachiya Yamasaki had a hit apiece to both tie the meet record of 13 hits.

(Mainichi Japan) April 3, 2010

Maybe the date of April 3rd was lucky for the Okinawan Team as in the number play of Shi-sa associated with the date. Congradulations! Okinawa Konan! You have made Okinawa Proud!

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