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Hello, my name is Tom Corrao and I am the blogger behind the Okinawaology Blog. I created this blog to share and discuss all things Okinawan. I’m also the Public Relations Officer and Minkan Taishi to the Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai. My experience with Okinawa is derived from the time I spent there during the 1980's and 90's (10 years) when serving in the United States Air Force. I've also been married to an Okinawan woman for 30 years now and have been immersed in many things Okinawan through both friends and family. I do not claim to be all knowing about everything Okinawan but I try hard and study the history and culture. I welcome everyone that is interested in Okinawa and hope that I can provide useful information to those uchinanchu that may be curious about their culture and heritage. I also welcome those who are not of Okinawan heritage but have experienced, or are experiencing, the islands culture while stationed there with the United States Military. Comments are welcomed and will be published as long as they are in good taste and on track with the purpose of this blog. My hope with this blog is to bring Uchinanchu people around the world a little closer to their cultural roots by expressing information that has started to fade in light of a more modern world. We should never forget our culture or the people who came before us and through the Blog my intentions are to meld the old with the new and implant knowledge that will help maintain the traditions and culture of an island people.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Secret to Losing Weight Getting Healthy and Living a Long Life

Food and exercise is the way to lose weight and be healthy. This morning I went to the Gym and got my walk on! Four miles in an hour. It doesn't take any more than being active and eating right to lose weight. Okinawans during the 20th century had some of the longest life spans throughout the world. Their secret was eating things that the land provided for them. The main staple being vegetables such as Daikon Radish, Goya Bitter Melon, Purple Okinawan Yams, as well as many green leafy vegetables. Fish was a primary staple in villages skirting the ocean and some pork was available and used as the primary source of meat protein. Don't forget there was rice as a grain and Tofu made from soy beans. Balancing your diet is important. Since January 4th I have been on a low calorie low fat diet on top of going to the gym on most week days before I have to go to work. I have fashioned my diet around the healthy staples the Okinawans used to give them a higher percentage of centenarians than anywhere else in the world. The secret is you can eat a heck of alot of veggies and not take in all that many calories. Vegetables digest easier than proteins and your metabolism speeds up. Oh Yes and if you fry use smaller amounts of olive oil to make your food. Today when I weighed myself I was seventeen pounds lighter than just last month.!

Here are a few pictures of dishes I have been making to lose weight.
Nabe' Pot
Cabbage and Red Pepper Stir Fry

Red Cabbage & Fresh Veggie Stir Fry

Man I feel better and I just know I'm going to look good when I visit Okinawa in 2011

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